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'The Order of Friars Preachers, founded by St Dominic, ‘is known to have been established, from the beginning for preaching and the salvation of souls, specifically’ (The Fundamental Constitution II).

Dominican friars are called to be Preachers of Grace, preaching the love and mercy of God and recognising that to be called to preach is itself a gift. Preaching can be understood in the standard sense of preaching sermons, but can also be understood in the wider sense of communicating to others the riches of God’s love in whatever way we can and in whatever way is needed: ‘I have become all things to all people, that I might by all means save some. I do it all for the sake of the gospel, so that I may share in its blessings’ (1Cor 9.22b-23).

Preaching can of course be through words, but can also be through actions, building up and supporting Christian communities, helping those who are disadvantaged and reaching out to the needs of our society, a society that thirsts for the Good News.

Blackfriars, Oxford, is a Priory of the Dominican Province of England, which means that the mission of the Dominican friars in Oxford is part of the mission of the Province.

To find out about the work of the Dominican friars in Oxford and in the Province of England, please use the menu on the left hand side.

Blackfriars, Oxford, is a Priory of the Dominican Province of England, which means that the mission of the Dominican friars in Oxford is part of the mission of the Province. The Province of England has over eighty friars living mainly in England, Scotland and on the Caribbean Island of Grenada. We have a wide diversity of diversity of apostolates, all of which are ways in which we preach the Good News of Jesus Christ.

To find out more about the Dominican Province of England, please see our Province website.

But, to give you a taste, here are some of our apostolates as a Province:

Churches: Parishes and Chaplaincies

We run six territorial parishes (Durham, Glasgow, Grenada, Leicester, London and Newcastle). All our priories and houses have churches attached, which gives us a public pulpit, enabling us to reach out to the people of the areas we live in, including many who are socially disadvantaged and are marginalised from the Church.
We run five university chaplaincies to ten universities (in Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leicester, Newcastle).
In addition to parishes and chaplaincies, we have priories with churches with that have lively congregations (Cambridge and Oxford), where members of the public join the friars at Mass and praying the Divine Office.

Educational and Forming the Next Generation

We run at Blackfriars in Oxford a Permanent Private Hall of the University of Oxford. Its Aquinas Institute fosters study of St Thomas Aquinas, while the Las Casas Institute promotes research on the relationship of faith to public life, with a focus on poverty, migration, dignity and human rights
The Studium (Dominican study-house) at Blackfriars, Oxford, teaches those preparing for ordination, and welcomes many lay students who wish to deepen their appreciation of the Faith. Most of the courses are open to the general public.
Blackfriars in Oxford trains young friars in the English Dominican Province.
Friars teach at other institutions (e.g. the Maryvale Institute in Birmingham, Heythrop College, Fordham University).
We organise and teach at the Buckfast Theology Summer School for young adults.
We are chaplains in a number of schools attached to our parishes.

A selection of our other apostolates:

Members of the Province are involved in hospital chaplaincy, prison chaplaincy and naval chaplaincy.
We provide chaplains and support our Lay Dominican Fraternities throughout Great Britain.
We support the work of our Priestly Fraternities of St Dominic.
We have established a Dominican Youth Movement in the Province. As well as helping to establish a network of Catholic youth in Britain, the Youth Movement will also connect the youth of our different parishes and university chaplaincies throughout Britain, both laity and our young friars. In ways like this can work together on common projects, even though living in different parts of the country.
Friars are involved in a very wide range of other activities, such as Interfaith Dialogue (Centre for Christianity and Interreligious Dialogue at Heythrop College), local Ecumenical groups, and giving retreats and talks

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